Engineering Science and Mechanics

The study of questions.

Engineering Science and Mechanics is a study for the inquisitive."What produces motion?" "How can we predict the behavior of materials?" "Can some snakes really fly?" These questions lead to applications in aerospace, civil, mechanical, and chemical engineering, among others. To answer these questions, students learn to use advanced mathematics and computational tools to understand and develop models for fluid flow, system vibration, and structural deformation.

With this knowledge, studies move beyond the theoretical and into the physical. Hands-on laboratory experience will not only validate classroom answers, but also lead to the development of both new solutions and new questions for engineering problems which have bearing on both current and future issues.

Studies which are personal and streamlined.

ESM has created an environment where students can get to know not only one another, but their instructors as well. Faculty work with each student as an individual, helping bring out strengths and give the student the maximum capacity to accomplish his/her goals. Interdisciplinary and hands-on, the environment is not one of passive listening, but active participation which deeply ingrains vital engineering principals.

To further prepare students for the challenges of both life and employment, a communication program is built into the disciplinary courses offered. This approach lends to a more balanced scholastic model and instills time-tested elements into the skill set of every scholar.

One of the top programs in the country.

In 2016, Virginia Tech's ESM degree program was granted the distinction of being ranked #4 in the US for Engineering Science / Engineering Physics programs in higher education by US News and World Report. This ranking comes from a field of more than 80 schools.

Research experience, more quickly.

Research has become a huge part of the academic lifestyle. However, these opportunities often aren't available to students until later in their careers. Guaranteeing undergraduate research opportunities earlier in the collegiate experience, both for pay or degree credit, is a unique feature of our department. This enables more rapid progress for students in their academic and career pursuits, and adds research experience at a time when many peers from other departments are still doing only book studies.

Flexibility in the fundamentals.

Want to pursue a career in engineering, but not quite sure of which field you want to enter? ESM gives you a strong foundation that, once completed, will leave you with a flexible list of possibilities. Along the way, there’s a good chance that our world-renowned faculty could give you a few pointers leading you to a future you never imagined.

ESM offers a wide range of options in the world of engineering, built on fundamentals and rooted in over 100 years of equipping students with skills which are vital in many fields. You’ll find pride in one of the classic study programs at Virginia Tech, and a competitive advantage in the knowledge you gain.

The ESM program is designed to future-proof a student's viability in the job market. ESM focuses on the fundamentals; its graduates choose the applications.