Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

A department whose roots run more than 100 years deep, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics offers two clear directions for both undergrad and graduate degrees.

Interested in Engineering Mechanics?

Engineering Mechanics offers a foundational groundwork which bridges many areas of engineering. Our grads find a wide range of options available to them upon graduation, and can find highly interdisciplinary applications.

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Looking for Biomedical Engineering?

It's one of the consistently fastest growing degree tracks, and our program offers unique, world-renown opportunities for research and study. From injury studies to cancer research, Virginia Tech offers a myriad of options to students.

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Upcoming Seminar

Biomedical Innovation Pitch Competition

Friday, November 17th, 2017

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The Nature-Inspired Fluids & Interfaces Lab is led by Dr. Jonathan Boreyko. Inspired by nature's design for animals, plants, and the weather, the group's research involves characterizing unexplored phenomena and designing innovative materials and systems. Research is a multi-disciplinary combination of fluids dynamics, heat transfer, interfacial phenomena, materials science, and renewable energy.

Dr. Boreyko was recently distinguished with an NSF Career Award for his proposal on engineering synthetic mangrove trees for water harvesting applications.

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