Undergraduate Student Information

BEAM (ESM and BMES Undergraduate Courses) Force-add Procedures for Fall 2018

Information regarding force-add procedures for this year's fall classes.

Undergraduate Program Educational Objectives and Students Outcomes

The Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics has a rich tradition for providing an interdisciplinary engineering education. We strive to prepare our graduates to succeed in advanced graduate or professional study, industry, and government.

Annual Student Enrollment and Graduation Data

A yearly breakdown of the number of Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics graduates and students enrolled in the undergraduate program.

Undergraduate Course Listing

Here is a link to the undergraduate course offerings from Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Undergraduate Guide (pdf)

This guide has been prepared to aid students who are currently enrolled in the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) in fulfilling the requirements for a B.S. in ESM and to provide information about the curriculum for others who may be interested in becoming ESM majors. It should be considered as a supplement to the requirements published in the VPI&SU Undergraduate Catalog and is in no way intended to supercede any statements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Curriculum Checksheets

The general curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science and Mechanics is available here. Specific checksheets for Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science and Mechanics, including the Biomechanics option, Engineering Physics option, and the Minor in Engineering Science and Mechanics are available here.

Undergraduate/Graduate (UG/G) Degrees Program

Upon completion of 90 credit hours and with at least one more semester to complete all requirements for the bachelor's degree, undergraduate students having an overall grade point average of at least 3.3 can apply for the ESM Undergraduate/Graduate Degrees (BS/MS, BS/ME or BS/PhD) Program.

Communications Program

The Engineering Communications Program provides MSE and ESM undergraduates with superior skills in professional communication.

Employment opportunities for ESM graduates

Information about opportunities for ESM grads and companies that have hired them in the past.

Research Approval Form

This report serves two purposes. First, since 6 research credits are required for the BME minor program, the University guidelines require the department to keep a record of each student’s work in every course of the undergraduate minor program. Second, it affords a means whereby each student will receive appropriate approval for and assistance in planning BME research studies.

Biomedical Engineering Minor