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1/9/18: Our study on the latent heat of traffic flows was covered by WVTF Virginia Public Radio and was picked up by NBC News Radio. It was also covered by Engineering.com, The Roanoke Star, WDBJ Channel 7 News, Indian news site The Wire, and VT News.

12/18/17: Our NSF Career research on synthetic trees was featured in the first issue of Virginia Tech Engineer magazine.

11/22/17: Our paper on the latent heat of traffic flows has been published in the New Journal of Physics and was the #1 most read article in December. Congrats to Farzad and the rest of the team!

11/3/17: Congrats to Ziad, who won the 2017 Adhesive Manufacturing Scholarship from the Macromolecules Innovation Institute!

11/3/17: A big congrats to Farzad, Grady, and Saurabh, who were national finalists in the 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition for their anti-frosting surface technology!

8/21/17: Congrats to Megan Mulroe and Farzad Ahmadi, whose research on jumping-droplet condensation made the front page of VT News!

8/16/17: . The NIFI group is working with Proctor & Gamble to develop a novel type of anti-perspirant. Hopefully the research will be no sweat!

7/31/17: Our work on dynamic defrosting was featured in WSLS News 10 and VT News.

7/18/17: Our paper on enhanced jumping-droplet condensation has been published in ACS Nano. Congrats to Farzad, and a big congrats to Megan for getting a first-author paper as an undergraduate!

7/17/17: Congrats to Saurabh Nath for graduating with his Master’s degree and receiving a prestigious scholarship to pursue his PhD under David Quéré! We will miss Saurabh’s brainstorming skills and his infectious love of scaling analysis!

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Jonathan Boreyko, Principal Investigator

BoreykoJonathan Boreyko is an Assistant Professor of Mechanics at Virginia   Tech, in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics (BEAM).  Dr. Boreyko received B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from Trinity College (2007) and a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science from Duke University (2012) under Professor Chuan-Hua Chen.  Prof. Boreyko has recently won the AFOSR YIP Award, the 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award, and the ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award; his research has been covered by Science Magazine, The New York Times, Discovery Channel Canada, and Popular Science. His current research interests include condensation and frost phenomena, fabricating micro/nano-patterned surfaces with special wettability, and designing fluidic systems inspired by nature for heat transfer and water harvesting applications.

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Graduate students

BoreykoFarzad Ahmadi received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Azad University of Khorasgan (Isfahan) in 2009 and his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Shariff University of Technology in 2012.  Farzad joined the NIFI group in August 2014 and his current research interests include the dynamic wettability of natural organisms and phase transitions of vehicular traffic flow. 


Ranit MukherjeeRanit Mukherjee earned a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University in 2014 and also has two years of industry experience working in the Boiler & Heater division of Thermax Ltd.  Ranit joined the NIFI group in August 2016 with an interest in researching jumping-droplet condensation and developing novel vapor chamber systems.


MurphyKevin Murphy received his B.S. degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech in 2016.  Kevin joined the NIFI group as an undergraduate and as of August 2016 is continuing his research as graduate researcher.  He is interested in condensation and frost phenomena and developing novel vapor chamber systems.     


NathWeiwei Shi received her B.S. and Master’s degrees in Applied Chemistry from BeiHang University.  She joined the NIFI group in August 2016 and her research interests include synthetic trees, oil-infused surfaces, and fog harvesting.


NathPranav Shukla joined the NIFI group in August 2017 and is researching the effects of liquid-impregnated surfaces on evaporation.


Undergraduate students

Daniel Cusumano is a senior and joined NIFI in January 2017.  He is currently researching Leidenfrost phenomena.


Zaara Dean is a junior and joined the NIFI group in May 2017. She is interested in the wettability of duck feathers. 


Andrew Fugaro joined the NIFI group as a sophomore in August 2017. He is interested in the dynamics of water droplets interacting with ice. 


Lance De Koninck is a sophomore and joined the NIFI group in June 2017. He is interested in anti-frosting surface materials. 


Christian Kingett is a junior and joined the NIFI group in May 2017. He is one of the lucky few who get paid to play with bubbles all day. 


Julia O’Brien is a sophomore at Virginia Tech in the Mechanical Engineering department.  She joined the NIFI group in May 2017 and is interested in synthetic trees and ice nucleating particles. 


RashedZiad Rashed is a senior at Virginia Tech in the BEAM Department.  He joined the NIFI group in December 2015 and is currently researching oil-infused surfaces.


RoseveareCorey Spohn is a senior and joined the NIFI group in January 2017.  Corey is engineering anti-frosting surfaces and studying the dynamics of inter-droplet ice bridging.


Witt Katherine Witt is a senior in the BEAM Department at Virginia Tech.  She joined the NIFI group in January 2016 and is researching emerging frost and ice phenomena.


Graduate Alumni

Habibi Mohammad Habibi was a graduate student in the NIFI group from 2014-16.  His research focus was on engineering oil-infused surfaces for reduced hysteresis and drag applications.  

NathSaurabh Nath was the very first graduate student to join the NIFI group in August 2014. He received his Master's in 2017 for his thesis titled Condensation Frosting: From Ice Bridges to Dry Zones, and subsequently accepted a prestigious offer to pursue his Ph.D. under David Quere at ESPCI in Paris, France.

Undergraduate Alumni

Berrier Austin Berrier was our very first undergraduate researcher, joining in Fall 2014! A true Renaissance man, Austin researched synthetic trees, jumping-droplet condensation, and vehicular traffic flow before graduating with his B.S. in Spring 2017.

HabibiCaitlin Bisbano was an undergraduate researcher in the NIFI group from 2015-16.  She researched the hygroscopic properties of ice and the dynamics of condensation growth on plants.  Caitlin received her B.S. in December 2016 and subsequently pursued graduate studies at the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. 

Grady Iliff was in NIFI from 2016-17 studying anti-frosting surfaces and the wettability of wheat plants. His research on anti-frosting surfaces was a national finalist in the 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition. He subsequently accepted a research position at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

BerrierMegan Mulroe was in our group from 2015-17 researching jumping-droplet condensation. Megan received the 2016 Louis And Dianne Sharpe Undergraduate Scholarship, won a best poster prize at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society, and published a first-author paper in ACS Nano. Megan graduated in 2017 and subsequently accepted a job offer at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

RoseveareMatthew Roseveare was in our group from 2016-17 researching synthetic trees and freezing droplets.

RoseveareStuti Budhiraja was a visiting undergraduate researcher from the Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women. She visited in Summer 2017 to research jumping-droplet condensation.

RoseveareJosh Vieitez was in the NIFI group from 2016-17 researching synthetic trees and jumping-droplet condensation.