What is BEAM? What is SBES?

The Virginia Tech Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics (BEAM) is a department within the Virginia Tech College of Engineering. It houses the undergraduate degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) and graduate degrees in Engineering Mechanics (EM) and Biomedical Engineering (BMES). These degrees, as well as a biomedical engineering undergraduate minor and developing undergraduate degrees in biomedical engineering, are the academic enterprise within BEAM.

The Virginia Tech - Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering & Sciences (SBES) is a fully accredited joint graduate program, formed in 2003, which brings together three prestigious academic institutions: the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, the Wake Forest School of Medicine, and the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Each of these separate entities contributes unique strengths to the combined enterprise so that students are offered a wide spectrum of first-class educational and research opportunities in a beautiful part of the country. Students can be located at either campus and received either a Masters or Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering.

In the formation of BEAM in 2014, SBES and ESM faculty at Virginia Tech were combined under one umbrella because of mutual interests in biomechanics, a key study in biomedical engineering. This formation did not combine the degrees, only the faculty and staff.


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