Virginia Tech rubs elbows with Ivy League

December 19th, 2014

The Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) Program at Virginia Tech has been given high honors by US News and World Report. It ranked fifth nationally among all Engineering Science / Engineering Physics undergraduate programs. The list also includes Illinois, MIT, Stanford, and Harvard — which Virginia Tech actually tied for fifth — in the peer reputation survey which takes place annually.

The results of this disciplinary survey provide a measure of program standing within the educational community, as each engineering university provides a single survey response for their perception of all programs. The process used to complete the survey varies school to school, but the end result is a standardized report collected by US News. Recognition of unique programs, quality of academic offerings, and notable faculty often help to bolster a school’s chances.

ESM has consistently been one of the highest ranked programs in the College, ranking fifth in 2012 and eighth in 2013. Overall, the College’s undergraduate program ranks 15th nationally and eight among public colleges. The ESM program is housed within the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics.

US News and World Report Rankings