Department IT Resources

BEAM supports IT in two buildings on the VT campus: Norris Hall and Kelly Hall. Each building has a dedicated team to support technology issues.

Norris Hall

Norris Hall facilities are comprised of a high performance compute cluster and various graphic workstations. The compute cluster is made up of 52 compute nodes with 776 processors, 2TB RAM, and Infiniband FDR-10 RDMA fabric connecting all the nodes’ memory. Each of the new nodes contain 20 processor cores and 24GB RAM. There are 5 Linux based graphic workstations available in the Norris Hall computer lab for pre and post processing of data, prototyping, and smaller computational runs. Software available includes Abaqus, Ansys, Fluent, CFX, Matlab, Mathematica, Tecplot, and various compilers and other tools. OpenMP, OpenMPI, and Intel MPI, are supported on the compute cluster. The University also provides High Performance Computing through the Advanced Research Computing group.

Norris Hall computer lab, available 24x7 to ESM students and faculty, also includes 10 Windows workstations with Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Matlab, Mathematica, ANSYS, Gimp, AutoCAD, and Inventor. Also included are Endnote, MikTex, TeXnic Center, and DVD burners. The lab has scanning, monochrome, and color printing capabilities.

Undergraduate students are required to have tablet PCs with wireless networking. The University's wireless network provides Internet access from any campus location. There is a Virtual Private Network available that provides virtual on-campus access from any off campus Internet provider. This allows students to access department and university resources, including high performance computing, library services, software resources, etc., from virtually any location, 24x7. Additional information about student software is available.

For Norris Hall desktop support, please contact:
Mark P Warbeck
Computer Systems Engineer, Norris Hall
(540) 231-7489
Norris Hall, Room 323-A, Virginia Tech
495 Old Turner Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061

For information regarding high performance computing, Linux, and general IT services (including software licensing) please contact:
Tim Tomlin
Information Systems Manager, Norris Hall
(540) 231-9933
Norris Hall, Room 301, Virginia Tech
495 Old Turner Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall contains research and office space which is supported by on-site IT specialists. Desktop support, network services, hardware and printer issues within BEAM can be directed to either person.

David Ashwell
Computer Systems Engineer, Kelly Hall
(540) 808-3678
143 Kelly Hall, 325 Stanger Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Jason Schroedl
Information Technology Manager and Sr. Systems Administrator, Kelly Hall
(540) 267-5504
123 Kelly Hall, 325 Stanger Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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The College of Engineering provides additional help and information at The University provides extensive troubleshooting help through their website and "234-Help (" phone support system.

Also available are online software tutorials through College of Engineering and University contracts with and Safari Books Online (an on-demand digital library providing over 9,800 technology, digital media and business books and videos online). Short courses on various software use and High Performance Computing are scheduled on a regular basis from the University.