Computer Replacement Policy for Staff and A/P Faculty

Purpose: To ensure that staff and A/P faculty have access to a computer that has sufficient capacity to support the basic computing needs required for them to fulfill their work responsibilities.

Eligibility: All full time staff and A/P faculty not eligible for a computer provided through other university outlets, such as the ACC Banner or the Faculty Development Institute (FDI) programs, whose primary work computer is at least four years old, are eligible. The department IT staff will determine eligibility and provide any replacements between spring and fall semesters, after ACC program availability is known.

Funding: Computers will be replaced by the department only as budget permits. Those staff and A/P faculty eligible for ACC Banner or FDI machines must utilize these programs when available and are not eligible for a department purchased computer. Department IT staff will coordinate the selection process for ACC Banner and FDI when there are insufficient slots available to cover the machines eligible for replacement.

Equipment Supplied: A baseline computer functionally equivalent to the current offerings from the ACC Banner program. Requests for additional hardware will be considered on an individual basis.